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Two way communication:

With sky[nav]pro™ you can use your own mobile device (BYOD) to establish a connection between our online portal and your cockpit all over the world where IRIDIUM is available. This satellite-based network can communicate real-time in text messages with our system. You only need to install an APP on your device and connect it with our sky[nav]pro™ hardware.

UMTS and SATELLITE, a perfect Team:

To get the best for your money but also the highest possible availability we decided to use a combined solution between the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) a cellular network and IRIDIUM a satellite-based network. Is your aircraft near the ground sky[nav]pro™ will use UMTS. If UMTS is not available because of your flight high or network coverage sky[nav]pro™ will use IRIDUM.

Automated notifications:

Our sky[nav]pro™ Onlineservice will give you the safety to know where your aircraft or helicopter is – worldwide and everytime. Besides our geofencing its possible to generate and send automatic email or sms notifications when monitoring parameters like G-forces exceed defined parameters.

Integrated SOS function:

If problems occur it is possible to generate automatic warnings and notifications. You as a pilot decide what should happen in a emergency situation and which processes should be started automatically.

Flexible solution:

Every company, every flight school is different – we know that. That's why we designed our system modular. Open interfaces to existing systems are quite natural for us. Name us your actual system and we'll examine if it is possible to include sky[nav]pro™ in your existing infrastructure.


We know how important it is to have a qualified contact to solve problems and get over difficulties. That's why we established an twenty-four seven support in german and english language. If unexpected happenings occur we're here for you.

sky[nav]pro™ enables a satellite-protected tracking and monitoring function possible due to its internally developed hardware. This is made possible due to permanently and worldwide satellite communication.

In addition to GPS and GLONASS based positioning data, monitoring data can also be transmitted in order to monitor the operative condition of the airplane. Access to tracking + monitoring data is made available using a web browser hard and software independently.

Via an integrated SOS button, individual actions can be taken in case of an emergency.

Worldwide and real-time aircraft tracking with our BlueLine Box

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